Frequently Asked Questions

 1. My Console displays inconsistent readings or readings are all 0. What do I do?

Speed Sensor Trouble Shooting and Replacement for E316 and VX-2
Speed Sensor Trouble Shooting and Replacement for E520, VX-3, UBE, Cycle XT
Speed Sensor Trouble Shooting and Replacement for Neptune & Titan AR Rower
Speed Sensor Trouble Shooting and Replacement for Viking 2 AR & Viking PRO
Speed Sensor Trouble Shooting and Replacement for Pacific & Newport AR & Trident AR Rower
Speed Sensor Trouble Shooting and Replacement for Apollo AR & Apollo PRO

 2. My Console displays erratic, or no, Heart Rate readings. How can I fix this?

Heart Rate Receiver Trouble Shooting and Replacement Guide

 3. How do I install the Heart Rate Kit?

For E520, E316, VX-3 and VX-2
For VX-1 and VX PRO
For E216
For Trident AR
For Viking 2 AR, Apollo AR, Viking PRO and Apollo PRO
For Pacific AR and Newport AR

 4. Where can I purchase chlorine tablets in the USA?

You can purchase chlorine locally. We recommend Aquatabs as they are readily available in the USA and are only around $12.95 for 30 tablets. Don’t buy anything used for swimming pool treatment as these will literally destroy the tank. Aquatabs are used for purifying small amounts of water for drinking, and as you are only looking to inhibit algae you only need 1‐2ppm two tablets will suffice.

 5. I just purchased a new rower, but the blue dye was not included, where can I get some?

We have removed the blue dye from the product. We had, in the past included a bottle with every product. Unfortunately, the product was so concentrated that it instantly and permanently stained everything it touched including carpets, hardwood floors, peoples clothing, etc. So, we dropped including it early in 2013…

However there are some products out there that still describe it in the Owners Manuals. We apologize for this but the dye is not actually needed.

The blue dye was always an aesthetic addition to the water to color it blue. The Chlorine tabs (supplied) are what actually treat the water.

 6. The Lever Cable on my E820/E920 is broken. How can I fix it?

E820/E920 Lever Cable Replacement Guide

7. Can I connect a USB enable Console to my MacBook?

At present we do not support MacOS. However, we are planning to offer MacOS software similar to our Fluid Coach software in the not too distant future.

8. Can I write my own software to interface with USB enabled Consoles using an API or SDK?

For technical support reasons we do not currently offer any access to our proprietary communications protocol though an API or SDK.

9. Can I register my rower online?

No, we currently do not provide an online registration service.

10. What is the ideal user’s height range for the rowers?

There is no height specification for any of FDF rowers. The specific determinant is leg length. This is the point of reference that determines whether the seat hits the back stop when legs are straight. On average (e.g. average leg length) a person of about 6’6″ would be okay on one of our Pacific Rowers. If their legs were unusually long in proportion to the their height, this could be a problem. Easiest answer is to jump on a rower and stretch the legs out.

11. Floor Mats become stretched in certain parts.

Place the Mats outside in the sun, on a flat surface, for 30 minutes and they will resume normal shape.

12. Why the inner chamber from the new rower drains during the night while the older rower keeps the water inside the inner chamber for a longer time?

The issue of the storage tank holding water is actually of far less importance than this customer seems to think. Our vertical tanks operate as a “fluid circuit” and assumes the indicated resistance level ONLY when the machine is in use. That’s what it’s designed to do. Once that use stops, the storage tank and impeller tank gradually equalize. The time this takes can vary from 20 seconds to 20 minutes; it is not important. What is important is that the storage tank holds it’s indicated level DURING USE. What happens afterwards does not affect the performance of the machine when it is being used.