Indoor Rowing for Seniors – it’s not just for the strong and fit

Indoor rowing is a low impact exercise and perfect for any age and finess level and not just suited to fit young men and women. Recent studies have proven that a older person using a rowing machine helps for building physical strength and stamina, stimulating growth of bone and bone mineral density increase. Indoor rowing is perfect for people aged 40, 50, 60 and even older. Targeting almost all muscle groups and sharing the load across shoulders, arms, back, legs plus abdominal muscles. If you’re a newcomer to indoor rowing, it’s smart to slowly build your training program and do that sensibly. Be sure to take advice from a doctor before starting any new exercise program.

Water resistance rowing supports muscle development

One big advantage of using an FDF indoor water rower in your older age, is the point that you can control the resistance level during your workout. FDF’s patented twin tank technology shifts water levels between two tanks, creating resistance levels that go from feather-light towards Olympic strength. This involves that in case your strength develops, increasing resistance level will offer progressive training levels. Always start off with a resistance level that match with your fitness level and slowly build up after getting used to that load.


1051005-apollo-pro-0041060509-768x695Lumbar support seat makes indoor rowing for seniors safer

We First Degree Fitness have designed an optional lumbar support chair back for First Degree Rowers. Keeping older users and people with dissabilities more safe using a indoor rower. The seat option is very popular for rehabilitation facilities. A good alternative to the traditional flat indoor rowing machine seat, the lumbar support chair introduces a safer and more stable seated position and not any conflict with the rowing function. Beneficial for anyone who is insecure, a bit older or following a rehab program, this optional rowing seat provides better participation in indoor rowing and rehab programs.


Upper body ergo training for seniors

FDF’s medical upper body ergo’s have been developed to support cardiovascular training for seniors and increase the progress with rehabilitation programs for patients. Cycle ergometer training has been proven to increase muscle strength and improve stamina and balance – all important factors in increasing quality of life. FDF upper body cycles for seniors are suited in either a sitting or standing position, and also wheelchair accessible. An effective training tool for endurance and strength, FDF’s upper body ergometers offer a bidirectional workout, working great to enhance user muscle group balance. Browse the range of upper body ergos.