Join the WebRacing Community with this Virtual Reality Fitness Experience. Race with other Internet connected rowers in a Virtual Reality 3D environment or train solo.

NetAthlon 2 XF provides a Virtual Reality 3D environment with a number of rowing courses on which you can row against other people over the internet or local network.

Use the virtual experience to enhance your solo training.

Please be noted that FDF do not directly support Netathlon’s Party Software.

See NetAthlon 2 XF Documentation for further information and support.


Due to upgrades to our newer rower consoles you may experience some technical issues with NetAthlon. While we are working to resolve this issue, we are waiting on WebRacing to publish a revised version of NetAthlon 2XF for Rowing.

In the meantime we have created a simple software patch to ensure your rower functions correctly with the NetAthlon software.

Download FDF NetAthlon for Rowers Patch V1.0

Patch Installation Instructions

  1. Download and Install NetAthlon 2XF for Rowers
  2. Download and unzip the patch file
  3. Run the patch install file FDFNetAthlon2XFPatch.exe
  4. Configure NetAthlon as per NetAthlon documentation See NetAthlon 2 XF Documentation
  5. Enjoy competing with NetAthlon!