Nature’s best
resistance medium


Water has unique physical properties called the “cube rule”, to go twice as fast through it requires 8 times the effort!

Each athlete or competitive rower understands the feeling of the cube rule, and just how hard it is to squeeze that tiny extra bit of speed out of the boat in the race to the cross the finish line.

Patented Fluid Technology inside our tank on all our Fluid Rowers makes sure that there is no slippage, no slack, no flat spots, simply full on resistance, each stroke there for you at the exact moment you need it. You set the level at the stroke speed you need., so as the athlete builds up exercise power, Fluid Technology reacts in a instant and captures the sensory and physically demanding aspects that make outdoor rowing one of the most fun and effective workouts ever now totally realized in the comforts of your homegym.


And that’s why we know that Fluid Technology gives you the nearest thing to real on-water rowing.

We say “Feel the Difference” – with Fluid Technology it’s much more than only a slogan!

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